I love taking my kids to the beach. We have such fun and my car is proof of it, bringing back sand and new seashells every time. Seeing how their treasured shell collection was growing inspired me to display some of them. This idea was simple enough for my kids to pick their favorite shells and make keepsake ornaments. We’re so happy with how they turned out and can’t wait to decorate our tree! These could also be used as gift tags.

Materials & Tools

Seashells + Sea Glass

Sliced WOOD rounds with pre-drilled holes

Craft paint & Brush

Hot glue & gun


Ribbon or Cording


  1. Paint both sides of the wood slice with craft paint color of choice and allow to dry.


  1. Arrange shells and sea glass however you like. Carefully apply hot glue around the edge to adhere to wood.

  1. Thread the ornament with ribbon.


  1. Dab your finger in the micro-glitter and brush onto the wood. No need for glue! It’s so fine and just a tiny dab will add just a shimmer.

  1. Hang and be reminded of family beach days!