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FALL 2020 - SPRING 2021


The Gospel for Busy People

If you believe community is a vital part of healthy church life, Harvest Groups is for you!

This fall we are kicking off Virtue study with a series by Pastor Greg through the Gospel of Mark called “The Gospel for Busy People.”

A note from Pastor Greg:

Discipleship happens in small group community. Our lives are transformed not merely by what we know, but by applying what we learn into our daily lives. Small groups provide every believer with:

• Christ-centered friendships
• Accountability
• Interactive learning through discussion
• The opportunity to discover and use spiritual gifts to serve others • Comfort and support when going through trials

I love the fast pace of this unique Gospel. You will discover that one of Mark’s favorite words is “immediately.” He uses it 42 times. Mark also uses the historical present tense 150 times— Jesus comes, Jesus heals,—all in the present tense. That is why I have subtitled this series, “The Gospel for busy people!”

So let’s get busy and get started!


Virtue groups meet weekly at various times and locations. Read and study at your own pace and discuss insights from the written lessons with your small group.

Join us on campus, off-site in a home or other location, or online via Zoom.
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NOTE: Access to printed/digital Bible study lessons will be available for registered group members when study begins. Virtue podcasts will be readily accessible for all.

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