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APRIL - MAY 2023

Timeless: Unchanging Truths in a Changing Culture

A 5-week study covering foundational truths of the Christian faith.

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Our new study series with Pastor Greg is Timeless: Unchanging Truths in a Changing Culture

A note from Pastor Greg:

We are about to start a five-week study covering some of the foundational truths of the Christian faith. I like to call it “Theology 101.” In each lesson, we’ll explore a new topic, which will include God’s attributes and character, the Person of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Heaven and Hell, and the Bible.

You might be thinking, “Why spend five weeks studying theology? I just want to love Jesus and go about my business.” The study of God has never been more important, and our world has never needed it more. I find there is great biblical illiteracy among many Christians today. They say they believe certain things but can’t tell you why they believe them. And more importantly, they can’t tell you where those things are in the Bible.

As Christians, we need to know not only what we believe but why we believe. In other words, we need to think carefully. We need to study God and the changeless principles and precepts of His Word. This type of study has a name. It’s called theology. And whether we like that word or not, we neglect theology at our own peril. Because experience is never to be the basis for theology. It’s the other way around: sound theology should be the basis for our experience. C.S. Lewis gave this warning years ago in Mere Christianity: “If you do not listen to theology, that will not mean you have no ideas about God. It will mean you have a lot of wrong ones.”

In this study, we will talk about theology with apology and break it down in an understandable way, giving you takeaway truths you can apply in your own life. We’ll take time to strengthen the foundations of our knowledge about God–or perhaps to build that foundation for the first time.

Let’s get started!



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