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Our new study series with Pastor Greg is “AM I DOING THIS RIGHT? What the Bible says about relationships.”

A note from Pastor Greg:

We are about to dive into a five-week study on relationships. It’s never been more important to examine God’s perspective about relationships because our culture is redefining everything. Whether you are single or married, have children or don’t, it’s important to know what the Bible has to say about these relationships because God’s design for singleness, marriage, parenting, and the family are all under fierce attack today.

My prayer for you over these next five weeks is that you not only listen to what the Bible says about relationships, but that you make the necessary changes in your own life to follow God’s design. If you are single, live a pure life and use the time and freedom you have to serve the Lord. Husbands and wives, make sure the role you play in your home aligns with how God defines the roles of husbands and wives in His Word. Parents, be godly examples to your kids. Be present in their lives. Teach them the ways of the Lord. Bring them to church–don’t just send them to church.

The future of the Church and this nation depends on it.


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