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SEPTEMBER 2021 - MAY 2022



If you believe community is a vital part of healthy church life, Harvest Groups is for you!

Our new study series with Pastor Greg is the Book of Acts: The Upside Down Life

A note from Pastor Greg:

The Book of Acts is the story of a handful or men and women who did not leave their world the same way they found it. You could say they turned their world upside down. These were ordinary people who, empowered by the Spirit, were able to do extraordinary things. It was this work of the Holy Spirit that propelled them forward.

Within the pages of this book we see the very blueprint of the church that Jesus Himself laid down for all of us. This is the church that changed the world through prayer and through preaching, and we need to get back to what these first believers received and experienced. Let’s tap into the power that was poured out on First-century believers—and remains every bit as available to twenty-first century believers—as we seek to bring to gospel to our generation.

Spreading the gospel message was the mission of the early church and we have the same message and mission before us today.


Virtue groups meet weekly at various times and locations. Read and study at your own pace and discuss insights from the written lessons with your small group.

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NOTE: Access to printed/digital Bible study lessons will be available for registered group members when study begins. Virtue podcasts will be readily accessible for all.

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