It’s not a matter of if but when. Life changes. And while we can’t stop the inevitable transition of time, we do have a choice to make. Will we resist, or will we embrace change and grow through it?


As sisters in Christ, if we could post a group photo here, we represent every season and circumstance of life. Young women just beginning to venture out on our own. New moms with babies and busy toddlers. Watchful moms preparing teenagers for life as young adults! Whether we are in our prime, middle-age, or approaching the twilight years, we all are navigating through change and transition. What season of life are you in?


Perhaps you’re single, or newly married. You may be newly divorced or widowed. Some are raising a grandchild or caring for an aging parent. You might be starting a new job or retiring from an old one. Some are in a season of waiting for a new door of opportunity to open. Maybe you’re considering pulling up roots and relocating.


I think most of us would agree that change can be exciting, especially when you get to set the terms and conditions! But it can also be scary and uncomfortable—particularly when it disrupts a daily rhythm that feels good and seems to be ideal. Even the joyous, highly anticipated events in life require us to embrace change and lean into the Lord for wisdom to transition well.


Last year I found myself in a brand-new season when, within a short time, both of my adult children moved out of my home! My daughter got married and my son sensed it was time to live on his own.


My little chicks that I fed, bathed, clothed, and raised for over twenty-two years flew the coop and suddenly I became an empty nester! Actually, it wasn’t sudden or surprising. Nevertheless, it was a big change and it affected me greatly. Honestly? I questioned my identity, my purpose, and what my future would look like.


But this is what I know to be true about God …


When life changes, He remains constant and steadfast. Whatever season or transition you find yourself in right now, you can be certain that God is with you. When we are founded on the rock of Christ, we are immovable to our core—even when all around us is shifting, shaking, changing!


Lately I’ve been asking the Lord, “What’s next?” I trust He has good plans for me because His Word promises that (Jeremiah 29:11).


As an empty nester, I’m adjusting to a different environment in my home. Different isn’t good or bad—it’s just not what I’m used to. My house is quiet. It stays clean. I have less to do … less laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning.


Not only is there less—there is also loss. Loss of duties I enjoyed performing well. Loss of knowing where my kids were at all times. And as I mentioned, loss of identity in a way. Yes, I will always be Jeremiah’s and Savannah’s mom—but my role has shifted.


At this stage, my role as a mom is to support and pray. The words I’m speaking have changed. They’re not as instructive or corrective, but more to motivate and encourage. I’ve made it a goal to be a better listener. To ask them often, “How can I be praying for you?”


I’m still learning to enjoy and embrace this season as an empty nester. I have more time, more resources, more opportunities—and I want to steward them wisely. In practical ways, I’m learning a new rhythm to life’s routines.


For example, less cooking for my family allows me to be more available for others. I can make a casserole for a friend in need or bake an extra loaf of banana bread for a neighbor.


More resources (because I’m not spending as much on everyday needs for my kids) allows me to be more generous in supporting organizations I believe in and sending random “love gifts” to friends and family.


I’ve noticed how differently I spend my time. I’m able to be more intentional with my friendships, enjoy longer conversations on the phone or linger over lunch with a friend. I’m also more strategic about time with my adult children. Since we see each other less frequently, we set up specific times to connect, whether it be for a quick coffee together or a dinner date.


And when I visit their homes, I often bring a practical gift—paper towels & sponges, toothpaste, or a case of sparkling water! Who knew they would be so grateful to receive household items, ha-ha!


Certainly, there are other reasons to embrace this new season as well. My husband and I have more privacy now than in all the years we’ve been married. And that’s been fun!


As a young mom myself, some of the wisest relationship advice I was given is to keep cultivating precious time with my husband—even in the busyness of raising children. When the day comes for them to launch out on their own, you want to still have each other to love and do life with. It’s so true!


New Season, Same Purpose


Well, that’s enough about my season, what about you? Do you welcome change with open arms or find it unsettling? We know for certain that God’s plan for us includes every season, and we want to do our Father’s will. I frequently need to ask the Lord to grow me and show me how to serve Him best in this present season. May I encourage you to do the same?


Jesus said, “I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day” (John 9:4). The “day” that He spoke of was the time allotted for His earthly ministry.


Jesus knew what His “season” of earthly ministry would accomplish, and He never lost sight of His mission. He came to do His Father’s will. Everything He did was to glorify God. And that is a good word to all of us. In every season, we mustn’t lose sight of our mission and what God has called us to do. We need to redeem the time!


I’ve learned that my identity in Christ does not change with the seasons. My significance and self-worth is rooted in my relationship with Jesus who is the same yesterday, and today and forever!  For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5).


Seasons change but my purpose remains the same. To know God and glorify Him in all that I do, with everything that I am. His past faithfulness demands my present trust while I wait for what’s next. A line from an old worship song comes to mind … “all my life He has been faithful, all my life He has been so, so good!”


Friends let’s embrace the moment God has us in right now and trust that He will guide the next steps of our lives.  We can walk in confidence, knowing that at every stage and season, we have the grace of God that covers us and the power of the Holy Spirit to enable us!