Summer is here and what I love most about it are the warm evenings, perfect for hosting friends or family for dinner al fresco! Even when it is a small get-together, adding some simple décor to the dinner table adds something special. So, here is a quick and fun way to add a summery centerpiece! The great thing about it is that whatever the occasion or color scheme, you can tailor it to fit your needs!


Materials and Tools

5-inch balloons in 2-3 different colors

11-inch balloons in 2-3 different colors that vary from the 5-inch size

Hand pump or small air compressor to inflate the balloons

Low-heat mini hot glue gun (Low heat is a must! Otherwise, the balloons will pop.)

Fresh flowers and greenery



Inflate the balloons in varying sizes. The amount of balloons you will need depends on how long and tall you want the centerpiece to be. It helps to have at least 10-20 inflated to begin with so you can build a base for the centerpiece. Then you can inflate and add more as you go.


Start by grabbing a few different sized and colored balloons; arrange them in a cluster on a flat surface. Once you’re set on how they’re positioned, hot glue the balloons together. A few dots of glue on each balloon should be enough.


Continue to add on balloons, upwards for height and end to end for length, until you reach the desired size.


Lastly (and this is completely optional) you can add some fresh flowers stems and/or greenery by gently sliding the stems into spaces between the balloons. It adds a sweet, decorative touch by using whatever flowers are in season at your local store, or make it personal by using flowers straight from your own garden.


How easy was that?  Try it out for your next summer get-together!