Whether you spilled, the kids smeared, or your husband dribbled, stains are the worst! So what’s a girl to do?

These laundry treatments are tried-and-true, passed on through three generations of our family. . . proven to remove even the toughest stains! We put together a list of  supplies and tips that will help keep your clothes looking good as new.

So before you toss out that cute top or your favorite pants, take a look at the list below. You can also download these helpful stain removing tips HERE.


Supplies to Keep on Hand
  • Fels-Naptha Soap (Target, Walmart, Dollar Store, online)

Removes greasy, oil stains; perspiration; ring-around-collar; chocolate; baby formula; makeup.


  • Hydrogen Peroxide

This is a gentle bleaching agent.


  • Ronsonol (Walgreens, Ace Hardware, online)

Removes grease spots. Pour it onto a towel and apply to the spot. Rub briskly in a circular motion until it evaporates. Reapply if needed.


  • Out White Brite Fabric Bleach (Bed,Bath & Beyond, Lowe’s, Walmart)

This is great for whites. Follow directions on the bottle and soak for 15 minutes or longer.


  • Stewart’s Blueing

Bleaches white clothes safely. Follow directions on the bottle.


  • Oxi-Clean Stain Remover

Works well on many stains. Use a half scoop per quart of water.


  • Clorox Oxi-Magic + Spray n Wash Stain Remover

Spray BOTH together on stains like ring-around-color or dirt.


  • Lemi Shine Dishwasher Detergent Booster (Walmart, Target, Ace Hardware)

Removes tough spots and film, even in hard water.



How to Remove Some Common Stains

Blood: Soak in cold water. If stain remains, pour hydrogen peroxide directly on the stain; let it bubble and continue soaking the item a little longer. Rinse and launder as usual.

Candle Wax: Scrape off excess wax. Lay the item between paper towels and press with a warm iron. Pour a little Ronsonol onto a towel and sponge the spot until it’s clean.

Ketchup: Rub with Fels-Naptha soap and soak in cool water for 30 minutes. Launder as usual.

Chewing Gum: Place garment in a bag and put it in the freezer. Scrape off the hardened gum and sponge the spot with Ronsonol. Launder as usual.

Chocolate: Soak in cold water and wash in hot sudsy water. Bleach with hydrogen peroxide if necessary, or rub with Fels-Naptha soap. Launder as usual.

Fruit: Rinse in cold running water and wash in hot water.

Coffee/Tea: Pour boiling water through the stain and wash as usual. If stain remains, use hydrogen peroxide and launder again.

Old Tea Stains: I try this on the most stubborn stains. Wear rubber gloves for this! Combine ¾ gallon of warm water, ½ cup hydrogen peroxide, 1/8 cup laundry soap, and 1/16 cup of dishwasher detergent. Soak for 6 hours or more. Rinse with cold water.  

Egg or Meat Stains: Soak in cold water (do NOT use warm water). If stain remains, use hydrogen peroxide.

Grease: Dab the stain with Ronsonol and rub briskly in a circular motion until the Ronsonol evaporates. If necessary, pour more Ronsonol or Fels-Naptha soap on the spot and rub the fabric together.

Milk/Cream/Ice Cream: Rinse under cold running water and wash in hot water.

Mustard: Rub glycerine into the spot and wash in hot water. Or rub with Fels-Naptha soap and soak in hot water. Launder as usual.

Soft Drinks: Sponge with equal parts of rubbing alcohol and glycerine (or lukewarm water). Launder as usual.

Crayon: Launder in very hot water (whites) or warm water (colors).

Fingernail Polish: Sponge gently with nail polish remover and launder as usual.

Ink: Spray hairspray on the spot and rub briskly. Continue spraying until the spot is gone. Launder as usual.

Mildew: Wash in hot water. If stain remains, moisten with lemon juice; sprinkle salt onto the spot and set it in the sun for 30 minutes or more. Launder as usual.

Lipstick: Rub with lard (or Crisco shortening) and blot with a clean rag until the lipstick color transfers onto the rag. Wash in hot water.

Paint: Scrape off fresh paint. Soften dry paint with oil and gently sponge with paint thinner. Wash in hot water.

Rust: Apply lemon juice and salt. Set it in the sun for a few hours. Launder as usual.

Scorch Spot:  If you accidentally scorch an item while ironing, apply hydrogen peroxide to the spot and wash in hot water.