Pillows are a simple way to bring a fresh look to your space. Kilim pillows couldn’t be easier to make, yet they replicate the expensive woven pillows found in upscale home décor shops. Created from rugs, these pillows are sturdy enough for indoors or outside. Choose colors that compliment your home year-round, or go with festive seasonal colors. This beautiful pillow is a great gift idea too!


Materials and Tools*

1 – 2’x3’ woven rug, with fringe and NO rubber backing (check on amazon or home discount stores)

Upholstery thread or heavy gauge embroidery thread, coordinate color with your rug

Upholstery or Large Embroidery Needles (HERE and HERE)

Craft Poly-fil Stuffing, craft stores or online HERE  (5 lb. box makes 4-5 pillows)

Large binder clips, optional


*After gathering materials, this is a simple two-hour project.

  1. Most kilim patterns have a center print or focal point. So to have this design in the center of your pillow, fold the rug as follows:
  • Lay the rug face down. Fold each side toward the center so the seam will run directly down the center back of the pillow.
  • Use large binder clips to hold the fabric in place while you sew.

  1. Start by sewing the center back seam using a simple blanket stitch. Be careful not to catch the front side of your rug in your needle (this will be easier if you’re using a curved upholstery needle).


  1. Sew one end closed using one of two options. If you want to hide the seam, spread the fringe apart and stitch between the tassels. Or you can use a running stitch that will be visible on the finished ends of your pillow. (Both options are pictured here for you.)

  1. Stuff pillow with Poly-Fil until it’s full and firm. Hint: It’s easier to do this if you fold the open end over (like the top of a paper bag) to keep the fringe out of the way while stuffing. Smooth out the pillow and use binder clips to hold the open end in place while you sew it closed.


  1. Now it’s time to find the perfect place for your new Kilim Pillow that you paid a fraction for compared to the designer options. Enjoy!