I’ve always wanted one of those seashell mirrors but they are so expensive. So, gathering up the shells I had collected and finding the perfect mirror on clearance, I made my own.


  • Large mirror with wooden frame (don’t use plastic)
  • Shells
  • Glue gun and strong glue



  1. Purchase or use a mirror with strong hanger support. (Test this support before you make the mirror.)
  2. Using a mirror with a white or off-white frame helps the final look. If you have a dark-framed mirror, spray paint the frame first and let it dry.
  3. Clean the shells. Place larger shells around the mirror first, then fill in spaces with smaller shells. Take your time. Walk away from the project, come back later, and move things around until you are happy with the look.
  4. Glue the shells into place using a hot glue gun. Remember to use caution and plenty of glue. Hide the glue and clean all the webbing from the glue after you’re done. This takes a while. Use a stronger glue, like Gorilla glue, for the larger shells.
  5. After shells are in place, glued and dried, go back over the frame with a soft brush to remove the webbing. Then look for exposed frame areas you missed.
  6. Tape off the mirror and cover all the glass. Spray the entire project with sealant (two coats). Let it dry and then hang it.