I have no actual children, but my long-haired dachshund, Milo, is my baby. Yes, I am that millennial and I. Have. No. Shame. This dog has it pretty good—his own Instagram, a social club every Saturday, and organic home-baked treats. He even had a full-on first birthday party with seven of his closest dog friends! So it seems only natural that I show you how to make your dog’s life as extra as Milo’s.


7 feet of cotton rope

2 Rope clamps

1 Snap hook

Super glue

Binder clips

Leather cord




Colored yarn

Keychain ring

Leather sheet (Cricut leather works great)


  1. Start by looping one end of the rope to create the handle. Use a hammer to clamp it shut with one of the clamps.


  1. Wrap the leather around the clamp to hide it and glue it in place. Use a binder clip to hold the end of the cord in place while the glue dries.


  1. Attach the snap hook to the other end and make a small loop. Clamp the loop in place and wrap it in leather, repeat the gluing process.


  1. For added decoration, wrap yarn in various places and secure with glue.


  1. If you want to add a tassel, cut a thin strip of leather and make a loop. Cut a 6×6 inch square. Measure an inch down and draw a line across the back of the leather. Cut small, even strips up to that line. Glue the loop to one end of the solid leather and roll to make a tassel. Finish it with a little glue. Use a keychain ring to attach it to one of the strands of rope.


  1. Attach the leash to your dog and go enjoy a walk together!

Featured model: Kai Laurie