I’ve heard it said, “If you don’t enjoy reading, then you’re probably reading the wrong books!” Personally, I think there’s truth in that statement.

I’m writing this review as a woman who has never considered herself an avid and voracious reader, but rather a person who really enjoys reading when I can make the time, and after I’ve found the “right” book! I pray this recommendation will be helpful!

Ellen Vaughn’s book Radical Gratitude falls into the genre of personal growth. If I’m perfectly honest, it was not a book I was naturally drawn to by the title. I thought to myself, “I have gratitude. Why should I be radical about it?”

To my surprise and delight, this book has awakened my sense of thankfulness and shown me what it means to be truly grateful!  Gratitude comes not only from the acknowledgment of good gifts: our health, family, friends, and a hot cup of coffee in the morning, but from the Gift Giver Himself. It also comes from acknowledging God for who He is: love, grace, forgiveness, sovereign, etc.

This book challenged my view of what gratitude is and how we can discover it and remain in it, regardless of our circumstances.

Gratitude is not something we need to “work up.” Instead, it’s a response to an honest assessment of our own depravity and the discovery of the gracious gift of grace we have in Jesus! The author makes it clear that this book is not about “seven quick steps to spiritual power,” but “the secret of living in the passionate fountain of God’s grace.”

She goes on to say, “Developing the meditative habit of constantly whispering thanks to Him—no matter the situation—is in fact a mustard seed of life-changing power.”

The charm and treasure of this book is in the masterfully effective, skilled storytelling of Ellen Vaughn. She takes the reader around the world and back again, recalling stories of gratitude in the midst of joyous, grievous, and inexplicable events. Each chapter is compelling, drawing the reader into a depth of gratitude otherwise unexplored.

Ellen’s writing style is captivating, pointed, honest, and humorous.  I laughed out loud as she recounted personal thoughts of family life (thoughts I’ve shared, but would never dare articulate!). This is a book that will change your outlook on the goodness and grace of God, transforming common gratitude into radical gratitude!