Every summer since I was a little girl, my family and I take a trip up to Mammoth Lakes, California to go camping. It’s a magical place surrounded with God’s creation and beauty! My favorite of His creations are the many wildflowers that grow throughout the landscape. Picking flowers and pressing them was something I did with my mom, and has become a tradition that I now continue with my little ones.

Pressing flowers is super easy, but does require a little patience. You can use a flower press that can be purchased online; or lay your live flowers between two absorbent pieces of paper and flatten them with a heavy book. It takes two–three weeks for flowers to dry completely, depending on the size. When dry, we don’t want these pretties to go to waste—so here is a way to use pressed flowers and incorporate them into your décor!


4×4 inch glass tiles, 2 for each coaster (purchase here)

Dried pressed flowers, picked yourself or purchased online (but what’s the fun in that!)

1/4 inch copper tape (purchase here)

E6000 glue (purchase at local craft stores or online)


Arrange flowers on top of one piece of glass. Glue in place. (Just a dot of glue will do. Take care not to touch the glass too much, as this leaves fingerprints. Use glass cleaner to neaten up any areas before moving on to the next step.)

Lay a second piece of glass on top the first one, sandwiching the flowers in place.

Use copper tape to seal the edges all the way around the glass. Excess tape width can be pressed down to make a pretty copper border.

Gently and carefully run your fingers along the copper tape to flatten any ridges or bubbles that may have formed.

You’re done! So easy and so pretty! This DIY is such a beautiful way to use pressed flowers that you pick along the way. For me, it’s such a sweet reminder of my favorite place!