It’s graduation season! For those of us with little ones, it’s a sweet time to recognize their effort all year. Leis are a common tradition, with flowers, money, candy, all tied into a gift they can wear for the ceremony and photos. I made this simple toy and candy lei for my young grandsons. Hot Wheels cars and mom-approved candy is guaranteed to make the face of a five-year old boy light up!


Lei sheath (gold ribbon included), purchase online here

extra ribbon, color of your choice

optional graduation tassel, purchase online here

assorted small candies

filler treats (some use dollar bills but small toys are more interesting for young kids)

1 clear zip tie





  • Tie one end of the pre-cut lei very tightly with ribbon.


  • Slide one choice of filler down the open end until you reach the tied-off end. Tie a ribbon bow just above the filler treat and repeat this until you have filled the entire lei.


  • Tie both ends together tightly with ribbon and secure with a zip tie to keep it together. Cut off any sharp edges of the zip tie.



  • Use extra ribbon, cut in lengths and curled, to tie between the spaces for added color. Attach the graduation tassel if you like. All done!