Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him. – Psalm 127:3


Dear Moms,

Whether you are a biological, adoptive, step, or foster mom—or standing in the gap to fill that parental role—I want to say thank you for embracing this vital responsibility in a child’s life. It takes sacrifice. It takes love. It requires patience, and time, and lots of energy!

We’re in this together, and I certainly don’t have all the answers! But I’ve learned a few lessons along the way and I hope you will find these tips helpful, especially through the tweens and teen years.



Pray about everything. Literally, everything. Your child’s heart. Their relationship with God. Their friends. Pray for them as they learn to discover their gifts, talents and purpose. Pray for their future spouse.


Ask Questions

When you see behavior that seems off, ask questions. Pause to pray before you make corrections or give advice. Listen to them. Listen to the Lord and pray for discernment in your own words and actions.


Show Compassion

Try to remember what it was like to be their age. They are learning, just as we had to learn. Yes, they will make mistakes. Show compassion as you help them figure out what is good and healthy for them in the long run.


Be Mindful

Be mindful of the rapid growth a child’s body goes through when the hormones surge. A lot of the physical changes they are experiencing will affect how they behave.



Yes, I already said this. But pray and keep on praying. Never give up praying. Remember they are not only yours—they are the Lord’s children. Trust Him to know what’s best.


Choose Your Battles

Some things need to be let go. Not every hill is worth dying on. Locking horns over a serious behavior issue is not the best time to nitpick about every flaw. Remember that God is still in the process of molding you—and it’s the same case with your child. Give room for them to repent. Maybe you need to repent as well. Apologies may be in order.


Be The Adult

Don’t think you can or should always be their best friend. Following the Lord and His Word means that your child may not always like you. That’s the responsibility and reality of being a parent.


Show Mercy, Love Generously

Hug them and show affection. Be sure they know your love is unconditional and won’t change, no matter what. Sometimes an unexpected gift, a blessing, or compliment goes a long way in smoothing the path to real conversation.


Rich in What Matters

Realize your child’s heart is like a bank account. Every criticism or correction is like a withdrawal, and some are necessary. But frequent affirmation and joyful words of encouragement keep the balance high. Do your best to always be on the lookout for the good and positive things! Dream how God may be shaping even what may seem like negative behaviors to become positive ones.


As I said at the start, we’re in this together. As mothers, we know it’s not always easy, but we have God’s Word to guide us. So, let’s keep cheering one another on! The Lord is working His greatest work through you as you raise your children to love Jesus and serve Him in this world.

Happy Mother’s Day, friends. I am praying for you!

Love, Cathe