A simple wreath of greens that is easy to make to decorate your home for fall and festive occasions. Makes a great gift for precious friends too! Here’s how.

Materials and Tools

Grapevine wreath (I purchased this 30 inch wreath on sale at Michael’s)

Fresh greenery – evergreens and eucalyptus dries well and fragrant

Pinecones (optional)


Small gauge wire (preferably green)

Wire cutters

Pruning shears

  1. Begin by disassembling the 30-inch wreath into 4 thinner wreaths. Determine the shape of your design; use your own personal style for a more rustic look, or simply form each wreath in a traditional round shape.


  1. Add greenery. I bought two varieties of eucalyptus at Trader Joe’s and foraged the cedar and rosemary from my yard. Attach greenery to the wreath using wire as needed. I cut a 2-inch piece and twisted it, like a twist tie. Continue adding greenery until you’re pleased with the look.


  1. Add embellishments such as pinecones, berries, decorative grasses, etc., wiring in place as needed.


  1. Last step is to add a simple bow or knot and let the streamers hang effortlessly.