As I write this, California is suffering from devastating fires. Twenty seven fires, with over 3 million acres burned. We have more than 19,000 firefighters battling the flames, protecting homes and the livelihoods of thousands. Firefighters throughout California and many from across the nation—even some from other countries—have come to fight side by side in this battle against the fires that are consuming our state.

I’m saddened by the devastation and loss, all that the fire has burned, from land and plants to homes and, most tragically, people. Yet even in the midst of such overwhelming distress, there is good to be found. Take the heroic example of these firefighters, on alert 24/7, putting themselves in the path of the fire for the good of the land, and for the protection and safety of our fellow man.

At times, we all find ourselves in the flames of a fiery trial that threatens to consume the landscape of our life. A struggling marriage, loss of a job, or serious health and family issues. You may be in the thick of battle right now, like these firefighters, dealing with multiple fires at the same time. The pressures of life become kindling for fear, doubt, depression—and the enemy pours on lies like gas to the flame.

Take heart.

Just as these firemen don’t battle the flames alone, neither do you. You, my dear sister, are not alone in this fight. We are in this together, we are all the body of Christ. Reach out. Call for aid, cry for help, plead for prayer!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the enemy puts thoughts in my head that keep me from reaching out for help. I’m tempted to isolate, thinking I can’t ask my friend for help…they already have so much they’re facing. Or have you ever thought to yourself, I can’t burden anyone else with this. So I keep to myself, crawl away, and let the pain scorch my heart and hope. How foolish, right?

We would never expect just one fireman to put out a raging fire—no soldier is sent into the battle alone. Reach out to those around you, willing to fight for you through prayer.

If you know anyone who is a fireman, you understand there is a camaraderie, a friendship, a family connection between firefighters. If you have had people rally around and pray for you, then you know the closeness and friendship that comes with that. We need each other. I need you! Pray for me. I will pray for you.

Let’s pray for our heroic men and women fighting these fires right now. Knowing they fight with all the tools and resources they have, yet ultimately the battle is God’s and the last ember will go out when God says. In all our fiery trials, we know the battle belongs to God and He will have the victory according to HIS time and will. Meantime, we use all of our resources—coming together in prayer and fasting, and encouraging one another in the holy Word of God!

Much as we would love to escape fiery trials of life, and see the wildfires extinguished with no loss or any devastation, as believers we rest in God’s promise that all things truly do work together for our good. The singed and flame ravaged ground will be bare. And God, in His perfect plan and timing, will bring new growth. Times of refreshing and rain will come. God will make the land, and our path, new.

We never need suffer alone. We battle with the sure hope of victory. There is nothing lost that we will not gain all the more, in Christ Jesus.

Never stop praying, especially for others. Always pray by the power of the Spirit. Stay alert and keep praying for all of God’s people. —Ephesians 6:18 (CEV)