Two are better than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help.  Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 (NLT)

We need godly friendships. Women who will be there for each other as a strong source of encouragement during times of hardship and adversity.


In the life of David, we see how Jonathan’s words and affirmations strengthened David when he needed it most.  Jonathan was there to reinforce his troubled friend with a few simple truths, reminders and support.


In this world, so often we see and hear women tearing each other down, becoming catty and inappropriately competitive. But as the Church, we are called to be different—set apart for the Lord’s glory and supportive of one another. The Lord gives us all the opportunity to be a Jonathan to our precious friends, especially in these challenging times.


In addition to serving in the Virtue ministry for the past 12 years, I also serve as the head varsity cheer coach at a local Christian high school. I’m blessed to be the mother of four boys—but as a coach, I get to come alongside 17 extremely gifted, athletic and tender-hearted young ladies!


Our team is composed of uniquely talented athletes with very specific roles and functions; all working together to achieve a common goal. In cheer, we have what are called “stunting groups.” A stunting group is primarily made up of three specific roles. The “flyer” is lifted up into the air. This person needs excellent balance and strength. Two members are the “bases” who form the foundation for the group. They do all the lifting, tossing, and catching in a stunt. Last, but certainly not least, is the “back spot.” Her primary function is to provide stability, support, and safety. She is the voice of authority, as she has the best view.


These are the primary roles, but it takes more to make a team. You always have your “spotters” providing extra security and support. They circle the stunt to make sure the flyer is safe and prevent injury if she falls.


Now let me tell you, all of my girls are so hard working! They show up for practice at 6:00AM ready to work on whatever I, as their coach, throw at them. This is on top of handling school, family life, and other outside activities.


I recall a time when we were working on an intricate pyramid for a halftime performance. As the instruction for this stunt was laid out, I saw a look of concern begin to come over one of my most skilled, seasoned flyers. She and the entire team would be stretched mentally and physically, but as their coach, I knew they could do it. They had the foundation for this, and they had been carefully listening to every word of instruction.


After a few failed attempts, the stunt finally hit. My flyer was up, doing her part—and we were all rejoicing! In that split second, suspended in air, I saw her lose focus. Her knees bent, her legs began to wobble, she was frightened. Immediately, her back spot called out to her in a firm authoritative voice. “No! No! I’m here! Fix it—fix your leg and lock your knee!”


All at once, her bases were hard at work doing their part, making the adjustments to stabilize her feet. They refused to let her fall—they were not going to let her hit the ground.


The connecting flyer in the stunt group beside her glanced over with the most intense, purposeful look in her eyes. “Listen to me—I’ve got you. I’m holding onto you and not letting go. You won’t fall, I won’t let you. If you fall we both fall, and I’m not going down today—neither are you!”


That was all my main flyer needed to hear at that moment. She refocused and remembered she was equipped, supported, not alone. She straightened herself, confidently stood firm, and hit that stunt beautifully! As they dismounted counting loudly in unison, all fear, doubt and worry was gone. Her teammates were there for her and so was I, her coach.


Flyers and Catchers

Ladies, we all need support like this—especially when we are maneuvering a difficult challenge in life. Do you have godly friends who will speak into your life? Someone who can use the Word to correct, affirm, and restore godly confidence in you. Are you that friend for someone else? You see, God is the coach and choreographer. He has laid out the instructions in His Word for us to follow. He has a role for each of us to fulfill.


When you feel uncertain and everything seems to be up in the air, you need bases—pillars in the Lord to support you. God will provide you with a back spot—a friend to speak the Truth in love and authority. He will even surround you with spotters so you will not fall without others being there to catch you, preventing injury.


As the Bible says, “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). One day you may find yourself at the top of the pyramid being supported by others. Then there will be times when you are the base, making sure your sister doesn’t lose heart while she is facing a challenge. We are here to bear one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2). Honestly? There will be times when you feel the weight—even some of the pain—from helping to catch a falling sister. But know this. God will be right there, cheering you on saying, “Well done good and faithful servant.”


Remember ladies, as we love and support each other in the Lord we are taking part in God’s work. Like Jonathan who was a friend to David through one of the most difficult seasons of his life.


God was stretching David and laying the foundation for the lineage through which Christ the Messiah would be born. There’s no way that either of them could possibly have known the great and mighty things that God was “choreographing” through them!


Jonathan, being a prince next in line to the throne, could easily have chosen to look after his own interests. But he recognized that his friend, whom he loved as his own soul was called to something higher and greater. So he gladly committed himself to be that pillar of support to David. He took part in the good work that God was doing, and he did it as a true friend free of jealousy, envy or strife.


Friends, let’s remember that as we love and support one another in the Lord we are taking part in God’s work. We are uniquely gifted and called to work together to achieve this common goal.

So in Christ, we are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other. Romans 12:5