Have you ever planted an herb garden? I don’t have a yard, so I simply created a potted garden for Spring. Here’s how I painted and dip-dyed standard terracotta pots to plant my fresh herbs in. I set them near my brightest window to create a cute little plant corner. Now I always have fresh herbs handy near the kitchen when I need them!


Terracotta pots

White acrylic paint

A second color of paint (your favorite)

Paint Brushes

Rit Liquid Dye

Plastic cup or bowl (one that you don’t mind getting messy)

Masking Tape

Potting Soil



For Dip Dye:

  1. Paint the pots white (two coats) as a base for the dye. Let dry completely.
  2. Fill cup about half full with warm water; add dye. (Less dye, the lighter the color. More dye for darker color.)
  3. Dip the pot into the dye and hold it there for about ten seconds.
  4. Dip a second time, about half as deep as the first time. Hold for about ten seconds.
  5. Dip a third time, a bit more shallow again, to create an ombré
  6. Set the dipped pot on a paper towel to dry completely.

For Painted Pot:

  1. Paint pots white (two coats) as a base for your second color. Let dry completely.
  2. Use masking tape to outline the shape you want; then paint inside the tape lines. Let this dry completely before peeling off the tape.


Add some potting soil to each pot, tuck in an herb and lightly tamp down the soil. Set your potted plants near a window and watch those Spring herbs grow!