These mini stockings are a fun way to give Christmas gift cards with a personal, handmade touch.


Materials and Tools

Stocking Pattern (here)

Felt in a variety of colors (inexpensive craft felt is easiest)

Embroidery thread (in colors to enhance your project)

Needle (tapestry or embroidery)

Fabric glue (like Aileen’s, Fabri-Tac or E6000)

Paper or Cardstock for making your pattern


Optional decorative items. Check your local craft store or online for:

Ric-Rac, PomPoms, Beads, Buttons, Faux Fur, Pre-cut Felt Appliques


Sharp Scissors, Rotary Cutter, or Pinking Shears

Printer or cutting machine (optional)

Sewing Machine (optional)


How To
  1. Make your stocking pattern. Download the PDF pattern that I used, or draw your own. It will need to be at least 3” wide by 4 ½” long to accommodate a typical gift card. Print your pattern on paper, or better yet, use cardstock. Cut out your pattern and use it to hand cut your felt. You will need two pieces (front and back) for one stocking.

  1. Once you have your stockings cut, arrange your design elements on the top piece. (We won’t attach the front to the back until the end.) Play with the arrangement until you’re pleased with the look.


  1. Glue all your elements into position with fabric glue. Use a light hand, just enough to tack each piece into place, to make it easier to hand sew or machine stitch through. Note: If you don’t plan to do any stitching, use a more generous amount of glue to hold everything in place.

  1. Hand stitch your stocking together (or by machine if you prefer). Use matching or contrasting thread to add fun embroidery stitches. A simple running stitch is perfect for this. If you’ve never done embroidery, no worries! This simple video shows you how.

  1. Attach the front to the back. Either glue, hand stitch, or machine sew the front and back together. Keep your seam close enough to the edge so the inside is a minimum of 3” wide. Finish the edge with a simple blanket stitch.

  1. Add a hanging loop if you like. Cut a ½ inch wide strip of fabric or felt, about 3 inches long and glue the ends together. Glue or stitch your loop into the inside corner of the stocking to hang. You can even use yarn or jute to make your loop and sew it into place.





I have the ease of a Cricut cutter, so I was able to machine-cut my stocking pattern and pieces and some other design elements I found on their website. But this project is simple enough to do by hand with just the basic supplies listed here.

Use your imagination when it comes to decorating your stocking. I hit the web and searched “felt Christmas stockings” and found all sorts of fun things to do.

Mixing felt and fabric gives these a great, handmade feel and that’s what makes them so special. Use up your old crafting fabric and trim—these certainly don’t have to be traditional Christmas colors.