“…then the Almighty will be your gold…” – Job 22:25

It’s been 35 years since my original Olympic Gold medal dream. Along the way there have been two trips to the Olympics (no medals yet), three World Championship golds and many other victories. But ask me if I can only have one—the process or the titles—and I will tell you without hesitation, I’ll take the process. Even with all the trauma center visits!

So, what is my process? It’s 10,000 hours…and 10,00 more. It’s a gazillion drives to the mountain and the occasional mountain top. It’s a lot of difficult days, but mostly it’s about just doing today. It means being disciplined in the small things in front of me. Complete the workout. Eat well. Take care of my recovery.

The process involves visits with my physio, conversations with my coach, leaning on my husband, relying and trusting in the Lord.

Accomplishing the little things with excellence, without acknowledgement or applause.

Process is the vision to dream and dedication to chase the goal. Not being afraid of failure. It’s recognizing that hard is not impossible.  

Comfortable never leads to growth.

Rarely do we know what we’re capable of until we are willing to risk and try. We find out what’s inside us when we are tested. It stresses and strengthens what’s there.

What comes from the process? Relationships and life-long bonds are forged. The people who see and stand with us in our raw, most broken moments are real. For me, they are rocks of support and voices of encouragement. They understand the why that drives us; they are willing to go the distance with us.

They give themselves freely, often investing in us as much as we invest in the chase. They are integral to our success, but more significantly they are woven into our lives, becoming treasured friends.

Process is where God works in my life in tangible ways. He draws near to me as I draw near to Him. He shows me that HE is Lord. Inwardly, I learn to abide in the Vine while navigating all the external challenges that come with my race.

In the world, I have trouble. In Christ, I have joy, peace, hope.

Through the struggle, I experience I AM moments with Him and personal glimpses of His glory that transform me. These are priceless for growing my faith and clearer vision.

With clarity of vision, I see the Lord for who He is and I dare to dream big—“three twenty big”—exceedingly more than all we can ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us (Ephesians 3:20).

Because of that, I’m willing to do the “three twenty big” in front of me. (Like trying to make the Olympic team at age 45!)

Somewhere along the way, He has taken me from chasing the medal through Him to chasing Him through the medal.

My heart treasure shifted.

I’ve figured out that life isn’t about things, plans, or finding a purpose—but about what Moses referred to as PRESENCE. The Lord Himself. He is the goal.

In Christ, we find everything else.

Jesus fills the depths of our empty well with His Living Water. He is the Bread of Life that satisfies our soul hunger.

He is the Way who directs our steps, the Truth we seek, and the Life that brings purpose.

He is our Good Shepherd who cares. He is the Gate who provides entry.

He is the great I AM to cover our I am not. He is the Peace that overcomes as we ride out the storm.

Through my race, I know Him better and deeper. I grasp His love to a fuller extent. I’m more willing to yield to His Spirit, to abandon my will to His and be fully committed to Him.

I want to obey! I want to sing, to pray, to speak His name and glorify HIM. I want others to know His transforming power!

Honestly, I needed process to get here—and I still need it. For the joyful transforming I AM moments. For the rough, cleansing woe is me, I need forgiveness moments. For the purifying, prioritizing moments to correct me and keep me in fellowship with the Lord.

We all need process.

All of it! The deserts and the wilderness. The mountain climbs and valleys. The sagebrush scrubs. The amazing and the mundane.

The external journey that transforms our stiff necks, hard hearts, and information-filled brains into softened clay, easily shaped and personally engraved by the King of Kings.

His Word written into us, alive and active.

I embrace the process. Because of it, I know the Lord Almighty is my Gold!