These little gems are great in the bathroom for cotton or bath salts, the dressing table for makeup sponges and cotton swabs, or on your desk to hold paper clips and small office supplies…maybe even that chocolate we all need in the afternoon! So simple to make, and fun to personalize your own.

Materials and Tools

Glass jars with metal lids, various sizes

Drawer Knobs in a variety of styles and size (Hobby Lobby and Anthropologie sell them; or use old knobs you have or find in antique stores—that’s part of the fun!)

Chalk Paint (your favorite colors or simply beautiful white)

White spray paint

Fast dry epoxy-based glue

Rubber gloves or painting gloves

Power drill (optional but very helpful)

  1. Remove jar lids and lay them on newspaper; paint and let dry completely.


  1. Wearing gloves, paint just the screws of the drawer knobs white; dry completely.


  1. Choose a knob for your first jar. If you are comfortable using a power drill, drill a small hole (smaller diameter than the knob screw itself) in the center of the lid.*


  1. Put some glue around the hole on the outside of lid. Insert the drawer knob by turning it into the drilled hole. The metal around this hole will be very sharp, please use caution. Let the glued knob dry completely.


  1. Fill your jars with chosen accessories for whatever suits you. Or fill and wrap as gifts with bath salts, candy, or whatever you like.



*If you prefer, use a bolt cutter or hand saw to cut the length of the knob screw so it won’t be visible below the lid when the jar is empty. Please use caution.