This holiday season, we crave the nostalgia and simpler times of Christmas past. Grandma’s recipes, classic Christmas songs, and vintage handmade decorations. Felt decorations are making a comeback this year, so we chose two simple projects to add a vintage touch of warmth to your holiday tree and table. Try one, or both!


Project #1: Felt Ball Ornament

Materials and Tools

Wool dryer balls (we used softball sized)

Sueded faux sage garland (Hobby Lobby or online here)

Cranberry sprigs (Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or online here)

Heavy duty button thread or embroidery thread (fabric stores or online here)

Large eye sewing needle (fabric stores or online here)

Hot glue gun

  1. Snip a piece of garland and use a hot glue gun to attach to the top of the wool ball. Tip: We set the ball in a bowl to keep it steady while we worked.


  1. Snip a piece of berry sprig; add a drop of hot glue centered in the sage cutting; press the berry sprig in place and hold for a few seconds while glue sets.


  1. Thread your needle; pierce the top of ball; create a loop for hanging and tie off.


Project #2: Felt Ball Tree

This craft is just too cute and simple to resist! It’s a great project to involve the kids.


Materials and Tools

Styrofoam tree, any size you choose

Small 1-inch felt balls (Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or online here)

Wood dowel, 1/4” x 12”

Round wood disc or block

Garland and cranberry sprigs (same as for project #1)

Hot glue gun (or tacky craft glue)

  1. Begin by attaching the dowel to wood disc or block. We used a router to make the hole, then tapped the dowel into place, no glue needed. You can also use a regular drill with a ¼” bit.


  1. Once the foundation is set, gently press the Styrofoam tree down onto the dowel, making sure to keep the tree as straight as possible.


  1. Now you’re ready to add the felt balls. Begin at the bottom and glue rows of the small felt balls around the base, being sure to cover all the foam. Tip: You may need to flatten the last ball just a bit to squeeze it into place. Continue this process all the way to the top of the tree.

  1. To decorate your tree, insert the garland and berry sprigs in random spots; glue in place.



Optional suggestions:
  • We used white balls, but use any color or combination of colors you like.
  • Stain your wood dowel and base for a more rustic look.
  • Group three or more trees together; using different length dowels to vary the height of your trees.


**FUN FACT: Did you know that felt is the oldest known textile? The art of felt making existed long before weaving and spinning were invented. Felt is made from wool (sheep, camel, or goat). The fibers are sprinkled with water, compressed together and agitated by pounding and rolling. As the fibers are rubbed back and forth under friction, they become tangled and matted together, forming a cohesive fabric.