Every year we set aside one Sunday in May to honor mothers. It’s a special day to show mom we love and appreciate her, and we can do that in lots of different ways. Maybe your day started with breakfast in bed, made by the kids and presented to you with sticky hands and jelly-faced kisses.

If dining out on the busiest day of the year (it’s a fact!) isn’t for you, a picnic in the park or some other favorite spot might be the way to go. With all of us in ministry, Sunday is always a big church day, so this year we celebrated as a family on Monday. It was at Jonathan and Brit’s house—let me tell you, Jonathan is quite the chef!

My mom is in Heaven now, as is Greg’s, so I treasure the memories of celebrating with her.  What are some of your favorite traditions? The cards and notes I get are the best!

But long after the flowers have faded and the cards are tucked away, honoring moms is something we should do every day.

The privilege of raising children comes with the weight of responsibility, potential for heartbreak, and the constant call to pray and surrender our children to the Lord.

I think about the mothers mentioned in the Bible and the way God blessed them, even in hardship.

Moses’ mother gave birth to her son in a perilous time. She was compelled to hide him in a basket among the reeds and give him up in order to save his life (Exodus 2:1-10). Samson’s mother dealt with the heartache of infertility for years before God blessed her with a son who was destined to deliver Israel (Judges 13). Bathsheba and Rahab were mothers with a tarnished past, but were still positioned in the lineage of the Messiah (2 Samuel 11, Joshua 2, Matthew 1:5-6). Naomi lost both of her sons but remained faithful. Eventually, she rejoiced in hope (Ruth 1-4).

Challenges and Blessings

Over and over, we’re reminded of the challenges and blessings that motherhood brings. If you are a mother, biological or not, you have certainly experienced your share of both!

Mothers, I want to encourage you to hold on tight to the calling God has placed on your life. He is the One who blesses us with children. Psalm 127:3-4 tells us they are like arrows in a warrior’s hands. You are a warrior that God has entrusted with the high calling to raise the next generation! He has called you to this higher purpose to set the stage for the future of His Kingdom.

Perhaps your children are no longer with you. You may not yet have children of your own or even expect to someday. But we all can have a mother’s heart and be a source of help and hope for those who are hurting, those who are orphaned, and those who just need love and guidance. This world is never barren of children, young and old, to nurture. Open your eyes and heart to embrace those God may place before you.

Mothering is not an easy job. But no matter what our story has been or how unqualified we all feel at times, God will use us—sometimes in ways we may not even recognize.

These amazing women in the Bible had no idea of all that was to come, but they kept on fighting, praying, and believing God would work through them in their children’s lives.

Moms, we are warriors! Never forget your purpose, never stop praying, and never give up hope.