Tucking a lost tooth under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy is one of the simple joys of childhood. Growing up, my two boys awoke many mornings to find “fairy dust” on their pillow, tiny glitter footprints out their window, and a crisp dollar under the pillow where their tooth was carefully placed the night before.

But as a mom, I’ve experienced the panic when I couldn’t locate that tiny hidden tooth without waking the child and spoiling the illusion. This sweet pillow will help. It’s soft, fluffy and if you like, it can be personalized. Enjoy making this simple keepsake for your children. They grow up too fast.


Large felt sheets (white or color of your choice)

Cardboard for pattern

Embroidery thread

Decorative items for the face (optional)

Polyfill stuffing


Sewing machine -or- needle and thread


  1. Make your pattern. Draw a tooth shape on cardboard; cut it out. Allow for a ¼ inch around the edges for sewing. You can find a variety of tooth-shaped templates HERE.


  1. Lay the cardboard pattern on felt. Trace the shape and cut. Repeat with a second piece of felt. Cut out a small rectangular piece of felt for the pocket.


  1. Embroider the eyes and mouth on the tooth face front. Optional: Use felt cut-outs for eyes instead of embroidery.


  1. If you’d like to embroider the child’s name, do this now on the pocket piece; then sew the pocket to the back felt piece.


  1. Pin the front and back pieces together and sew a ¼ inch seam around the edge; leave an opening big enough to add stuffing. Learn how to sew a blanket stitch HERE.

  1. Stuff the tooth until it is full and soft; stitch the opening shut.