You’ve seen them everywhere…dangling on a purse or keychain, trimming a pillow, adding a festive touch to party decorations. PomPoms are a go-to favorite and there are endless ways to use these cheery adornments. Here, we put them to good use perking up old baskets for Spring.

Materials and Tools



Large embroidery needle

Sharp scissors

Clover PomPom Maker (craft stores or online HERE)


  • The Clover PomPom maker is a great little gadget for making perfect poms so quick and easy. For a short tutorial on how to use it, click HERE. She took me through the basic instructions.
  • You really will need sharp scissors! Makes it so much easier.


  1. Make as many pompoms as you like! Wind the yarn evenly (don’t criss-cross it back and forth) so you won’t have much trimming to do. Cut the center tie yarn quite long, so you will have enough length to attach the pompom to your basket.


  1. To attach the pompoms, thread the long ends, one at a time, through the large embroidery needle and poke through the rattan or woven basket. Tie the loose ends together inside the basket and trim the ends.