Bring a new look to your fall decorations with these soft and simple yarn pumpkins. Fall doesn’t have to be orange and brown. Mix it up! Use different types of yarn and a variety of colors to suit your décor.

Materials and Tools


Yarn – Chunky, textured yarns work best, especially with larger pumpkins

Foam pumpkins, as many and any size you like

Sticks for stems, cleaned and cut to size.

Leather strips for stems (optional)

Artificial twigs and leaves (optional)


Sharp knife or Apple Corer


Hot Glue or Craft glue

Long handled spoon or dowel


How To


  1. If your pumpkin came with a stem, cut it out and reuse it, or discard and replace with sticks. Make a tunnel for wrapping yarn around the pumpkin. Starting at the top, use an apple corer or sharp knife to core out a large hole through the middle of the pumpkin. Depending on how thick your yarn is, you will need a fairly big hole.


  1. Clean away loose Styrofoam pieces and check to see that the hole is large enough (about the size of your thumb for smaller pumpkins, or as big as a quarter for larger pumpkins).

  1. Unwind several yards of yarn from the skein, but don’t cut it yet (in case you need more than you estimated). Tie a knot in the loose end to make it easier to thread through the hole. Thread it through and pull the entire length (several yards) all the way through the hole; now take the knotted end and thread it through the hole again. Repeat this step again and again, overlapping the yarn just enough to completely cover and create that soft wrapped look you want. Note: The yarn will be harder to thread through the hole as you get closer to completing your wrap. Use a long spoon or dowel to push it through.


  1. If you run out of yarn before covering entire pumpkin, pull extra from the uncut end (another yard or whatever you estimate you need) cut it, tie a knot and continue winding it until your pumpkin is completely wrapped. Cut any loose ends and tuck them into the center.

  1. Glue on the stem and any decorative leaves you want.