There is something about rainbows that I just love! They are such a reminder of promise—the ones God has fulfilled and His promises yet to come. Attach this simple macramé rainbow to your purse, hang it in your car, use it as a bookmark or tie it as a gift tag. Anywhere you might want a reminder of God’s promises and the hope we have in Jesus!



Macramé cord (neutral color)

Embroidery thread (your choice of colors)

Keychain Rings


Hot Glue

How To
  1. Lay out macramé cord and cut a strand to the desired arch length for your rainbow, making sure to leave enough length for fringe on the ends. Measure out more pieces that fit under the arch and cut. (We show samples with three rows and six rows.)

  1. Tie your first color of embroidery thread one inch from the end of macramé cord and start wrapping it tightly leaving one inch unwrapped at the other end. Tie a knot (so thread doesn’t unwind) and snip off the excess thread. Repeat this step with each cut piece of macramé cord.


  1. Arrange the strands in an arch shape. Attach a key ring to the top layer if desired. Secure the strands together with hot glue. For fringe on each end, untwist the macramé cord and use a fine-tooth comb to smooth it out. Trim if needed.