School is back in session, but getting back into a routine can be tough on both mama and her little ones! But, we’re here to help you all get back on schedule with this super easy Routine Clock!


You can find these supplies at any craft store; I got mine at Target.

Foam Paint Brushes

Wood Clock (find this here)

Wood Sign (find this here)

Acrylic Craft Paint

Paint Pen

Masking Tape

  1. Disassemble clock parts and set aside.
  2. Tape off halfway across the clock, as a marker for 9pm and 3pm.
  3. Use a pencil to mark off the hours; then tape off one section of the clock at a time, according to the times and schedule for your activities.
  4. Paint each section and wait for it to dry before moving on to the next color.
  5. When done, reassemble the clock (use the instructions provided with the clock).
  6. Tape off five sections of the banner; paint each section with the corresponding colors on the clock, in clockwise order.
  7. After the paint is dry, use a paint pen to write in what each color is for, i.e., homework, playtime, etc.
  8. Hang it up in a playroom or homework area.


So cute, right? The great thing about it is that it is so customizable to your needs! Use stickers or draw the tasks for your toddlers or preschoolers who aren’t reading yet. Homeschooling families can use a different color for different subjects—or you can even make individual clocks for each of your kids using different colors for after-school sports and activities.


Here’s to getting back in to the swing of things!