Now that spring cleaning has come and gone, it’s time to add some new plants to your home with these rope-wrapped terracotta pots. Add a splash of texture and color to your plant corner, desk, table . . . anywhere, really! All goods can be purchased from Michael’s, making it a one-stop shop experience that gets you home quick and crafting away. Make as few, or many, as you like!


Terracotta Pot (as many, and in whatever sizes, you choose)

Cotton Rope

Yarn (color of your choice)

Glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Put a dab of hot glue on the base of the pot and press the end of the rope against it. Continue to dab more hot glue onto the pot as you wind the rope around it.
  1. Repeat step one until you want to add in some yarn. Glue the end of the yarn onto the back side of your rope, pressing down to hold it in place. Wrap the yarn around the rope as you go, to create your pattern. Cut the yarn when you’ve completed your pattern and glue the yarn end to the back of the rope (the side that will be glued to the pot).
  1. Continue this process until you reach the top of the pot. Cut the rope and glue the end down. Add a tassel or two if you want a bolder pop of color.
  1. Create a little tassel with strings of yarn. Dab hot glue on the rope-covered pot where you want the tassel. Press the tassel against the hot glue and hold until it sets.
  1. Ta da! Your rope-wrapped terracotta pot is done! Add a favorite plant and you’re set.