Pom-pom garlands are super easy to make for holiday décor, parties or any event you want to decorate with a homespun touch. You can buy a pom-pom maker in the store, but in my opinion, they add time and effort to the process. I prefer my good old-fashioned fingers and scissors to make these.

You can also use a fork to make smaller poms and a sheet of cardboard to make extra big poms—but these finger poms are my favorite size. This project is so easy that you can pump out a bunch of these while you watch TV!



  • Yarn of your choice. Use the same type and texture of yarn for each color in your garland.
  • Plastic sewing needle with a large “eye” (found in the knitting section)
  • Sharp scissors



  1. Cut a small piece of yarn, about 6 inches long (it doesn’t have to be exact).


  1. Wrap that piece around your middle finger and use your ring finger to hold it next to your palm, out of the way. Make a “V” sign with your index and middle finger and begin wrapping yarn around your fingers. I usually wrap about 60 times, but it depends on how big or small you want your poms.


  1. Once you have wrapped the yarn as many times you want, cut it (keeping it wrapped around your fingers) and use the 6-inch piece of yarn on your middle finger to tie it. Once that piece is tied securely around your wrap, carefully slide the whole thing off your fingers and tighten your small string as much as possible.


  1. You should now have a secure little ball of yarn. Cut through the loops of yarn until you have all loose edges. Now you can trim it down and clean it up. It’s a bit like trimming a hedge; keep the ends even with no random pieces sticking out. Repeat steps 1 through 4 to make as many poms as you want.


  1. String your poms: Cut a length of yarn 12-16 inches longer than you want your finished garland to be and thread it onto the needle. Let about 3″ hang from the eye of the needle. Begin “spearing” the poms and slide them down your string.  Adjust the space between poms to your liking.

Your finished garland is ready to hang! Use it alone, hang two or three together, or pair it with a tasseled garland. The possibilities are endless!