If your little ones are like mine, they love anything with their name on it. These sunglasses are super simple to make and will be a sweet addition for their Easter basket!


Tools + Materials

These items can be found online or in local craft/hobby stores.


Sunglasses *

Resin flower charms (in the bead section)

Decorative beads

E6000 glue

Toothpicks or Wood Skewer to apply glue



* I found these sweet sunglasses online and ordered a dozen so I’d have enough for the cousins too. My kids are into happy faces and florals, but you could easily incorporate dinosaurs, hearts, a sports theme, whatever your kids like!



  • First things first—protect your work surface! Lay out some cardboard to keep your work area free from glue. Decide on a phrase or name and gather your charms. I went with my kids’ names. Arrange the beads/charms directly above the glasses so you get an idea of how it will look. When you’re happy with the layout, begin gluing.


  • Squeeze out a dollop of glue (about the size of a quarter) onto the cardboard. Dip the end of your skewer/toothpick in the glue and apply it directly to the glasses. Note: This E6000 glue is a great adhesive but a little goes a long way! Apply sparingly—you can add more if needed.



  • Add the beads/charms and gently press down to ensure they adhere nicely to the glue. The glue takes a minute or so before it “catches” so you have some wiggle room to adjust if needed. If you happen to get a bit of glue on the sunglasses, a little dab of nail polish remover will take it right off. (I would just test a small area of the glasses first to be sure it doesn’t damage the surface.)


  • Let the glasses set for 24 hours before use. Have fun and happy crafting!