Back to school the kiddos go! This patterned vase + flowers is an adorable and practical gift for your son or daughter’s new teacher for the school year. The kids can join in and help make it too! This would also make a great gift for friends, the new neighbors on your block, or even on a table around your home.


Plain glass vase

Washi tape

Circle stickers

Frosted glass spray paint

Flowers or greenery (Trader Joe’s is my go-to for fresh flowers)


  1. Cut pieces of the washi tape to the length you want and cut the circles in half (to create a half moon shape). Stick them all over your vase, and press them down firmly.


  1. Grab your vase and spray your first coast of frosted paint. Let it dry for about an hour and then spray your second coat.


  1. Let the vase dry for a few hours, then carefully removed the stickers + washi tape. I found it helpful to use tweezers to remove the stickers, but it’s not necessary.


  1. Add flowers and voila!