In a pinch to come up with your Christmas table centerpiece? Christmas has completely snuck up on me this year, but that’s not going to stop me from creating the perfect tablescape for my guests to enjoy. This is a fun, easy and very practical centerpiece you can create at home with just a few materials. You might already have them in your home right now!


Printable Paper Tree Template

Thick cardstock or scrapbook paper


  1. Download the free, printable tree template here. Print it on thick cardstock.
  2. Cut the templates along the lines, including the center line.
  3. Lay the template on cardstock, hold it in place, and start cutting.
  4. Repeat for however many trees you want to create. (Use both the small and large templates to create varying height on your table.)
  5. Slip each piece together so that the tips align in the middle.
  6. You now have three-dimensional trees to use on your table!


Optional: Add an extra touch to your centerpiece by starting with some fresh eucalyptus (or any greens) and tiny string lights as the base. Then mix in the paper trees in any arrangement you like. With different colors and heights, this makes a perfect—and perfectly simple— Christmas centerpiece!