This fun little project doesn’t require a lot of materials or time. Repurpose a mirror you have, or buy one any shape or size that you like (thrift stores are a great place to look). Pick any design or motif—flowers, squiggles, clouds, groovy lines. Add a quote from Scripture for inspiration, or any simple message you like. I once repurposed a large oval mirror for a princess-themed bridal shower, painting the framed edges gold with “happily ever after” on the mirror face. The sample I’ve completed for this tutorial is a frameless, wavy mirror with a  wooden block stand, perfect for a gift!



Mirror, any size (I found this one on Amazon)

Acrylic paint that can be used on glass

Paint brushes

Uni Posca Marker ** available in craft stores or online

**These high-quality, all-surface paint markers are a staple in my art box! I used a fine-line tip for this project.

  1. Plan your design, practicing on paper first. Draw it out a few times using your paint and brushes on paper to get the feel of it until you’re happy with how it looks.

  1. With your paint brush, apply the paint on your mirror in thin layers, allowing it to dry between applications. Repeat this step until your colors are the desired opacity. There will be brush strokes visible, but that’s what gives your mirrored surface a painterly quality.


  1. After your patterns are completely dry, use the Posca marker to add text. Again, practice on paper and get comfortable using the paint marker before applying to the mirror. If you make a mistake, remember: blessed are the flexible! Look to see how you can turn that small mistake into part of the design and add beauty to the overall piece.