There’s something about painting that I find so soothing.  I love refreshing something old or adding a pop of color to something plain with just a bit of paint.  This cork mat makeover takes an otherwise basic item from boring to fun with a few supplies and little spare time.


Materials and Tools

Cork coasters (I used a trivet sized three-pack from IKEA)

Painter’s tape

Acrylic paint, your choice of colors

Sponge brushes

Clear Spray Sealant


How To
  1. Cut painter’s tape to varying widths and curves. Be creative in laying out the tape, playing with stripes or waves or geometric shapes, noticing the different angles. Be sure to press the tape firmly onto the cork to avoid paint leakage.

  1. Decide what colors to use in each section, keeping in mind that the painter’s tape is actually where the unpainted cork will be showing. Apply several thin coats and allow to dry.

  1. Okay, it’s reveal time! Peel back the tape carefully to reveal your pattern design.


  1. Use the spray sealant according to instructions to seal your coasters.


  1. Where will you use your coaster mats? Use them as pot coasters in the kitchen, or plant mats, or even group several together and create a pin board for your wall!