My eyes are drawn to minimalism, so I am always looking for minimal ways to create things I love for my office or home. I really believe that “less is more.” Here is a simple take on a Christmas tree. Very minimal, with a Scandinavian vibe.


Large glass bottle

Wooden dowel (diameter should be the size of the bottle opening)

3/8” wooden dowels for branches (varying lengths)

3/8” drill bit

Electric drill


  1. Mark about six points, evenly spaced, on the main dowel, but don’t have any align vertically.
  2. Drill through the center of each point you marked.
  3. Push the 3/8” wood dowels through each hole—longest dowel on bottom and work your way up with the shortest length at the top.
  4. Insert the main dowel into the bottle. Now it’s time to decorate your tree!


Option: Paint the bottom half of the glass bottle (white, black, rose gold, your favorite color).