Dried flowers and foliage offer constancy with unfading beauty. Grasses are fun and seem to blow in the wind. Go ahead and let them lean. It’s fun to use muted colors, textures and different vases. Have fun, be creative!




Cut flowers and foliage


Pots or Vases


Twine or string

Unscented Hairspray

A dark, dry area (like an attic or unused closet)


How To

Hint: To help flowers retain their color, try to keep them out of sunlight as soon as they are cut.


  1. Remove extra leaves or any parts that are damp, wilted or torn. Group flowers together however you like and tie string around the base of the stems. Use extra string to attach them to a hanger.

  1. Hang them upside down in a dark or dimly lit area to air dry. In 2-3 weeks they should be completely dry.


  1. Remove flowers from the hangers. Spray them (lightly) with unscented hairspray for added protection.

  1. Arrange and display them however you like. For a longer lasting display, keep it out of direct sunlight.