When it comes to snacks for my grandkids, I like to balance out all the sweets they get (mostly from Papa!) with tasty snacks that are healthy. Plus making them together turns into a fun project with the kids. Thanks to all the creative recipes online, the choices are unlimited. Here are a few of my favorites. So go ahead—play with your food!

String Cheese Snowmen

This simple idea is too cute not to share!

1 package String Cheese (12 individually wrapped)

2 Sharpies, orange and black


1 piece of black cardstock

Double-sided tape

  • Use the cardstock to cut out top hats for your snowmen; don’t worry about making them perfectly shaped—Frosty’s wasn’t!
  • On each string-cheese, fold one end of the shrink-wrapped plastic down and secure it with double-sided tape to the back of the snowman’s “head.” Use another piece of double-sided tape to secure the top hat to the front.
  • Cut ribbon to desired length and tie it (one-third way down) around the string cheese to form the scarf.
  • With the orange sharpie, draw a carrot nose directly onto the shrink-wrapped plastic. Use the black sharpie to add eyes and mouth. Don’t forget to add three buttons!

PB + Celery Reindeer


Peanut Butter

Candy Eyeballs (Raisins or mini chocolate chips work too)

Mini Pretzels


  • Cut celery stalk to 5” length; spread with peanut butter.
  • Break a mini pretzel in half; gently snip the curved part to form 2-3 antlers. Tuck into the peanut butter at one end of celery stick.
  • Add candy eyeballs (raisins or mini-chips) and a raspberry to form the nose.

Snowman Bagel

1 package Bagels or Mini Bagels

Cream Cheese

Broccoli Florets


Black Olives (jumbo sized work best)

Baby Carrots

Red Bell Pepper, diced

  • Slice and toast the bagel; let it cool. Spread with cream cheese.
  • Slice an olive in half to form eyes; one baby carrot for the nose; add diced bell pepper to form the mouth.
  • Add broccoli florets for the earmuffs; thinly slice one strip of celery (so that it bends easily) to form the top of earmuffs.


Santa Bananas

2-3 Bananas


Regular + Mini Marshmallows

Chocolate Sprinkles

Red M&M’s or Raspberries

Wooden Skewers or Long Toothpicks

  • Slice bananas into 3” lengths; snip regular sized marshmallows in half; cut strawberries to form hats.
  • To assemble: slide ½ marshmallow—banana—½ marshmallow onto the skewer.
  • Add the strawberry hat and top with a mini marshmallow.
  • Use chocolate sprinkles for eyes; add a red M&M (or raspberry) for the nose.
  • Note: These are best when served right away, since bananas darken after being exposed to air. Besides, the kids will be ready to gobble them up!

Grinch Fruit Kabobs

So cute, even the pickiest appetite is sure to grow three sizes!

Green Grapes (jumbo sized are best)



Miniature marshmallows


  • Cut banana into ½ inch slices; trim strawberry tops to form a hat.
  • Using a toothpick, skewer the banana and strawberry in place; slide the grape onto toothpick, being careful not to let the toothpick poke through the bottom of the grape.
  • Top off the last tip of exposed toothpick with a mini marshmallow.

Have Yourself a Very Veggie Christmas

Broccoli crowns

Cherry tomatoes

Cauliflower florets

Yellow Baby Bell Pepper

Pretzel Sticks

Veggie Dip of choice

  • Choose a platter or cutting board large enough to accommodate whatever size tree you plan to create.
  • Starting from the bottom, arrange cauliflower florets to form a base of “snow” for your tree. Use string or a rubber band to bundle several pretzel sticks together to form tree trunk. Tuck it into the cauliflower.
  • Add broccoli crowns, forming the shape of a tree; tuck in cherry tomatoes for the garland (or scattered like Christmas balls).
  • Add the finishing touch: Arrange thinly sliced yellow baby bell pepper for the star on top!
  • Serve with your favorite veggie dip.