We all love the look of a fresh floral arrangement but we may not love the price so much. With that in mind I wanted to share a few easy tips on how to elevate inexpensive grocery store flowers into an amazingly beautiful, high end arrangement.

For this arrangement, I used a monochromatic color theme with flowers and greenery from my local Trader Joe’s.


1 bunch greenery (seeded eucalyptus, baby blue eucalyptus)

Hydrangea (3 stems per package)

Spray Roses (usually 4-5 blooms on each stem)


Hypericum Berries

Vase or Bowl

Tape (regular scotch tape)


  1. Fill your vessel halfway with fresh water. Use tape to make a grid as shown in photo.


  1. Strip all leaves that will fall below the waterline when placed in the vessel.


  1. Trim a little off the stem of all greenery and flowers before adding; this simple step helps them soak up water and live longer.


  1. Use greenery for your base, gently placing some over the edge for an effortless look. Leave a few stems longer to give dimension and height.


  1. Choose your favorite flower for the focal point. I used three large hydrangea heads and kept two of the low and leaning slight over the greenery. The third head was placed low and centered between the two.


  1. Tulips give an asymmetrical look by placing them on a diagonal, extending beyond the base. Professionals use this trick to add style and interest.


  1. Hearty Lisianthus was used in the opposite direction of tulips. I placed it a bit lower, with a few in the center for added height.


  1. Next, I used spray roses to fill in the gaps; they work beautifully since they have many blooms per stem.


  1. The arrangement is getting quite full now, so I add a little touch of berries for texture to finish it off.


Have fun! I hope this step-by-step gives you the confidence to make a beautiful, professional style arrangement.