Do you have a few terra cotta pots sitting around your yard? Use this DIY to take them from plain to pretty in a few simple steps. Gold leafing sounds complicated but it’s a very simple process. These pots will spruce up any corner in your home.

Materials and Tools

Terracotta Pots

Gold leaf sheets (sold in silver and copper as well)

Mod Podge

Foam paintbrush (3)

White chalk paint


  1. Begin by painting the pot white. Chalk paint is very forgiving and easy to use. The terracotta absorbs a lot of paint, so you will need two or three coats. Let dry an hour or so between coats.


  1. Now you’re ready to apply gold leaf to a completely dry pot. Apply mod podge wherever you want the gold leaf to adhere. Only add a thin layer of mod podge and it doesn’t need to be perfect. Actually, less is better for achieving that marbled effect.


  1. Let the mod podge dry slightly, about 5 minutes. Get your gold leaf sheets ready. They are very delicate and will tear easily. This is okay. You can apply the whole sheet to your pot, or you can add torn pieces, here and there, for a marbled look overall. Press the gold leaf onto the pot with your fingers. Let the gold leaf dry for a few minutes.


  1. This last step is a bit messy and best done outside. With a clean, dry paint brush, begin brushing off the excess gold leaf. Use more pressure in spots where gold leaf adhered too perfectly. Repeat this process to get your desired look.