Looking for a creative gift or home décor that won’t break the budget? Use this simple diy to take a vase from clear to chic in three easy steps. All you need is a few items, three hours, and some fresh flowers or greenery.



Clear glass vase

Washi tape

Round stickers (or any shape you like)

Frosted glass spray paint

Flowers or greenery


  1. Cut pieces of washi tape to the length you want and cut the round stickers into a half moon shape. Apply them all over your vase and press down firmly.

  1. Set the vase on a level surface where you can easily spray all sides (be sure to protect your work area from overspray). Apply a first coat of frosted paint. Hint: To prevent drips on your vase, shake the can frequently and don’t spray too close. Let it dry 30-60 minutes. Apply a second coat of frosted paint.

  1. Let the vase dry for an hour, then carefully remove the stickers and washi tape. I found it helpful to use tweezers to remove the stickers, but it’s not necessary. Add flowers and voila!