Greetings to all of you who will be joining our study online. I know that many ladies are unable to attend our Virtue Bible study in person, and I am excited to offer an alternative for those who are restricted by time or distance.

As you may already know, this year’s theme is “Faith, Hope, and Love in Action,” based on James, 1 & 2 Peter, and 1 John.

Let me describe how this works for those of you who cannot be here in person:

Each Wednesday, beginning September 15, a new printable lesson will be posted on the Virtue site in the Bible Studies section. These lessons are designed to be completed a little each day, throughout the week.

You can choose from two different lesson formats for your study: deductive or inductive. The deductive lessons have a more guided structure—exploring a passage and asking straightforward questions about what a scripture says or means. Inductive lessons are designed to foster personal insight and discovery, as you observe, interpret, and apply the passage to everyday life. It is recommended that you choose one format and stick with it for the entire study. Take a look at our first lesson to help you decide: Deductive | Inductive

Following each lesson there will be a video teaching covering the scriptures and topics you have studied throughout the week. These video teachings will enhance and clarify the things you have been learning on your own and will be posted as soon as possible (usually 1-2 days after they happen).

Several of you have indicated an interest in forming an online study group. While we do not have “official” online groups (with leaders and designated group members) at this point, there will be a discussion section for each lesson to serve as an open forum for you to share ideas, ask questions, and encourage one another in your studies. We will keep the idea of registered online groups in mind for the future.

The study continues through late April; you can access the calendar here.

Again, I want to welcome you. I am praying that God will give you the time, diligence, and energy you need to complete these lessons and follow along with us throughout the year. At the end of the road waits a closer walk with our Lord Jesus and a deeper understanding of His Word!

God bless your studies,


Download Lesson 1: Deductive | Inductive