Add a fresh look and reduce clutter in the kitchen with this simple utensil holder. Make this easy craft for under $15 in two hours or less!

Materials and Tools

1 pack (100 count) of Wood Craft Dowels, ¼” x 8” (craft/hardware stores or online)

1 clear smooth-sided vase or wide-mouthed jar, size of choice

Painter’s Tape

Craft Glue (for wood and glass)

Sponge Paint Brush

Paint, Wood Stain, Clear Coat Seal (optional)






  1. Select a vase with an opening 6” or larger and 6-8” tall. If your dowels are taller than your vase, use tin or wood snips to trim them to size. Make sure vase is clean and thoroughly dry.


  1. Use sponge brush to apply a generous amount of glue, a section at a time, and begin attaching dowels in place. After setting six or more, apply a strip of painter’s tape to hold dowels in place to dry. Continue this process until entire vase is covered. Let it dry for a few hours.

  1. If you prefer, finish with paint, stain, or spray with a clear coat sealer. Allow 24 hours of drying time before adding utensils.