We love how easy these are! Choose colors to match your home décor or add a touch of fun to your decorating theme for parties, showers, or any festive gathering. And bonus? This simple DIY is so budget-friendly you can use it for large-scale events without breaking the bank!




Dried branches + twigs (craft stores stock these but we just gathered from the yard)

Mini Poms, assorted or any color you prefer (craft stores or online)

Hot Glue Gun

Vase or Decorative Container


How To
  1. Arrange the dried branches in your vase, playing with the height and position of each until you’re pleased with the look.


  1. Add a small drop of hot glue to a mini-pom and attach to the branch. Hot glue sets up in just a few seconds, so this step moves pretty fast. Oh, be careful though—that glue is hot!

  1. Continue adding the poms in random spots, making the branches as full as you like.


  1. Voilà! You’re done! Let the fun begin!