Who’s ready for fall? Make this simple felt wreath for your home or seasonal décor. Change up the colors, add decorative touches, make it traditional or minimal, whatever suits your style. Because felt is so easy to work with, this is a fun project to do with your kids or grandkids!

Since being thankful never goes out of season, we decided a wreath that reflects the changing seasons would be fun. Then we made a second one, using shades of fall with a modern flair.

Materials + Tools

Felt Sheets – 4-5 of each color (online & craft stores)

12” Wood Embroidery Hoop – or size of your choice

Decorative embellishments (optional)

Leaf template – draw your own or download online

Glue gun*

Sharp scissors

Felt tip pen for tracing


*A cool shot mini size is kid-friendly


  1. Make a template out of cardstock for the leaf. Mine is 3½“ x 4”. Depending on how big and full you want your finished wreath to be, you will need 30-50 leaves.


  1. To make the leaves, fold one felt sheet lengthwise and trace the leaf pattern along the open edge (see pics below). Cut through the double thickness, just inside the line, to make two leaves. Open the felt and trace the leaf on remaining felt and cut out. With a 3½” x 4” template, you should get 10-12 leaves out of one sheet.

  1. To give the leaf its shape, fold the stem end slightly and add a thin bead of glue; pinch it together and hold for a few seconds to set. Repeat until you have all the leaves you need.

  1. Lay the embroidery hoop in the center and do a practice run arranging the leaves without gluing them to see how far apart you want them. Play with the pattern and any decorative touches you plan to add, until you like it.


  1. Glue the leaves to the inside and outside edge of the hoop first. The pics below show what it looks like, front and back.

  1. Now you’re ready to add a middle row of leaves to the front facing part of the hoop. Twist the “stem” part of the leaf (the part you glued/pinched together to give it shape) so it will lay flat; put a dot of glue on the back and press the leaf into place on the hoop. Repeat until your wreath is full. Add decorative items if you like. Hang and enjoy!