There is no easier way to spruce up your front entry than with a fun doormat. The options are endless for customizing your doormat to suite your vision and liking. Use this same step-by-step tutorial and just change the cactus to an image or words of your choice. For an even easier DIY just use painter’s tape to create a stripe or chevron pattern for your doormat.

Materials and Tools

1 Coir doormat (You can find these at Ikea and Home Depot)

4 or more bottles of outdoor acrylic paint (I used Craftsmart, 1 Pink, 3 Citrus Green)



X-acto Knife

foam sponge paintbrush

paint tray or paper plate

cutting mat (optional)

  1. Create a stencil for your doormat. I used Google to search “free cactus clipart” and chose one I liked best. I did the same thing for the triangle shape.


  1. Adjust the sizing for the cactus. I chose a height of 4 1/2 inches for the cactus and for the triangle I chose 1 3/4 inches. Adjust to whatever size you prefer. Print images onto cardstock.


  1. Cut out the images with an X-acto knife to create your stencil. Keep in mind you will use the interior of the cutout (disposing the image itself). I found it much easier to get a clean-cut image by using a cutting mat. If you don’t have a cutting mat, try using the backside of the doormat as your cutting surface.


  1. Now you are ready to paint. You will need 3 or more small bottles of acrylic paint; the doormat material is very dense and will absorb more paint than you think. Place stencil on the doormat. With sponge brush, fill in the stencil area with paint, pressing the stencil down with your finger on the more intricate parts so paint won’t go outside the lines. Gently lift the stencil away, being careful not to smear paint. Wipe any excess paint off the stencil before you re-position it to the next spot.


  1. Place your stencil randomly throughout the doormat, facing in different directions. I ended up with 16 cactus prints, some hanging over along the edge of the mat.


  1. Once the paint is dry, add your triangles (or any other shape you want) sporadically around the cactus (or your main shape).


Step back and enjoy the new addition to your home’s curb appeal!