I love oversized bags, but every time I need my keys I have to search my entire purse! This simple DIY key chain makes it easy to find my key set in just a quick second. Plus, it’s a fun way to add a fresh look to an everyday item.


polymer clay (available at craft/hobby stores and online)

rolling pin


masking tape

parchment paper


acrylic paint

mod podge

pliable wire

key chain



Cut clay into squares and roll into a ball.


On parchment paper, roll the clay out until you have a flattened circle, about 1/4 inch thick.


Use a pencil to poke a hole near the top edge of each clay circle.


Bake on parchment paper, according to the instructions on the package. Allow clay to cool.


Use tape to create geometric shapes and cover areas where you don’t want color. Paint exposed areas with a color of your choice.


Optional: For a speckled effect, lightly flick a paint-dipped brush so the paint spatters onto the already painted surface.


Allow paint to dry completely. Apply a thin coat of mod podge for a shiny finish.


Cut two inches of pliable wire and string it through the hole. Create a loop on one end of wire. Connect both ends of the wire by twisting them together.


Attach a key chain to complete your project.