I’ve always loved what a charcuterie board represents; the idea of grazing over your food with good company and the intentionality it brings. I’ve never enjoyed rushing through a meal. My family and friends will tell you I’m the last to finish!

Setting aside time to connect is valued, and what better way than over an attractive sample of foods to tantalize every palate!

Suggested Ingredients

Who says we have to keep it to just meat and cheese? The possibilities are endless! Try pairing some favorites with simple foods you may not have tried before.


Salami • Prosciutto • Cured Ham • Smoked Salmon

Brie • Gouda • Aged Cheddar • Mozzarella • Parmigiano Reggiano

Olives • Pickles • Dates • Dried Fruits • Fresh Seasonal Fruits • Berries

Hummus • Red Pepper Dip • Honey • Fig Jam

Nuts • Chocolate • A selection of crackers and crusty bread


How To

Charcuterie boards are a fun and easy way to express your creativity. Simply arrange items on a wood board, marble, or your favorite platter. Make it as elaborate or simple as you please. Enjoy!